Center for Arts Inspired Learning

Clevland based "Center For Arts Inspired Learning " (CAL), enriches the lives of children and teenagers by providing after school programs to promote creative learning. CAL wanted to improve the experience their donors had while giving money to CAL.



Cleveland based," center for arts inspired learning,"(cal) enriches the lives of children and promotes creative learning.  cal was looking to improve their donating experience and enhance the giving portions of their site. they were looking for opportunities to expand their giving tools to allow micro campaigns with focused landing pages and donation progress bars.

Constraints and scope


This was an 11 week, pro-bono project and was hosted by Razorfish and Rozetta's Summer Intern Program. As a User Experience intern, I worked on providing the following deliverables for this client:


The Process

Research was done as a group. Every intern spent a couple of days researching aspects of CAL and their kind of work. I used "personas" to help understand the targeted audience and design for their needs and wants.


In order to find the shortest distance possible between CAL and their donor's, I worked out some flow charts to outline the pages needed for the website redesign. These can be seen to the left.

Research - Discovery - Planning - Design - Iteration - Development

Sketching and Wireframing

Final Deliverables