Our Group was given two weeks to deliver a solution based off the following brief:


Divvy is well known to the biking sharing community, but they have not gained as much mainstream reach as they would like. Divvy believes that there may be opportunity to increase awareness of their brand through providing value added content to new bike sharers. They want to do this by providing an application with real utility for this market. Divvy wants to create a way to raise brand awareness and increase its user base.


Problem Statement: Through our research and observations, we realized that the company's brand awareness was not the issue for converting more users. Our group found that Divvy is not connecting itself to the user and providing assistance throughout the journey. Divvy Does not feel accessible to its customers before, during, and after use.


Design Directions: By centralizing and connecting information and opportunities to the user, Divvy will establish a more positive relationship and solidify it's value.


The sign up and on-boarding flow can be seen in the screens to the left.


We wanted to make sure that all of the important information needed to use Divvy properly was shown before anything else.


The only way to currently get a bike is to pay for a day pass at the kiosk or purchase a membership Online. Members get a key-fab in the mail.


Our surveys and interviews proved that customer's were very frustrated with having to use the kiosks, so our group decided to expedite the process and built out a feature that allows the user to pay on their phone. This can be seen in the "log in" and "payment" frames to the right.

User's are able to find nearest docks and view how many docks and bikes are available. In addition to searching, a user can activate alerts that tell her or she how many bikes and docks are available whenever they are near a dock.

Below shows the other features that we had built out. The user's can find the city's nearest attractions that are within 30 minutes of their bike time. Rider's can browse nearby attractions and read a little description about them, which will make them feel as if Divvy is helping them find an adventure! Once a user has selected a destination, such as Navy Pier, the application will use GPS to navigate them to their end point.

This was our promotional advertisement for the Divvy Application.

Divvy Application

The screens to the left show all of the features available once a user has either logged in or purchased a pass.